KNOW YOUR BODY! (Human Body System)

The past few days, I have been able to get us acquainted with some ailment and how we can prevent or management them with the help of our various health practitioners.

This week, we will be looking at our body, yes, your body.

How many of us actually know much about our body? I present to you the lesson for the week,

KNOW YOUR BODY! (Human Body System)

In general structure, the human body follows a plan that can be described as a cylinder enclosing two tubes and a rod. This body plan is most clearly evident in the embryo; by birth, the plan is apparent only in the trunk region—i.e., in the thorax and abdomen.

The body wall forms the cylinder. The two tubes are the ventrally located alimentary canal (i.e., the digestive tract) and the dorsally located neural tube (i.e., the spinal cord). Between the tubes lies the rod—the notochord in the embryo, which becomes the vertebral column prior to birth. (The terms dorsal and ventral refer respectively to the back and the front, or belly, of an animal.)

Within the embryo, the essential body parts are:
• The outer enclosing epidermal membrane (in the embryo
called ectoderm)
• The dorsal neural tube
• The supporting notochord
• The ventral alimentary tube, which becomes the lining of the
stomach and intestine (in the embryo called endoderm)
• The intermediate mass (in the embryo called mesoderm)
• A rather fluid tissue that fills the interspaces, derived from the
mesoderm and in the embryo called mesenchyme

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If e dey do you somehow somehow for body, consult your Doctor now.

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