Radiology and Sonography

The following are available in our Radiology Services:
We operate state-of-the-art X-ray machines in all our centres. We also have the C-arm X-Ray machines in our theatres. These serve the purpose in fluoroscopy and in lithotripsy.

Each X-Ray unit has a Digitizer, which produces a digital radiographic image instantly on a computer. This can be transferred or transmitted electronically.

Apart from the X-ray processing units, our Radiology units have ultrasound scanners, Doppler, Echocardiography machines, Electrocardiography (ECG) machines.
Doppler ultrasound for monitoring blood flow in the major vessels e.g. legs as in patients with deep vein thrombosis.
Our Facility in Imalet-Alafia, Ibeju-Lekki also operates our state-of-the-art CT scan machine.