International Childhood Cancer Day

At Doren Specialist hospital, year theme 2024 is Unveiling Challenges: International Childhood Cancer Day is observed on February 15 every year and all over the world. The day raises awareness of childhood cancer and honors all the children and families experiencing the effects of the disease. It acknowledges their pain and difficulties, giving them space to process and grieve.

Despite the advances in medicine and medical technology, cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease for children past infancy. Not only is childhood cancer traumatic, but it also requires specialized treatment and care. Pediatric oncology is an important field in medicine that works with cancer in children and devices strategies for treatment, pain management, and home care.

Childhood Cancer International, a network of parent organizations that spans continents, instituted International Childhood Cancer Day to ensure that children with cancer get the best possible care. The day is set aside to raise awareness about childhood cancers and the treatments available for these diseases. Every year, more than 400,000 children, teenagers, and young adults under the age of 20 are diagnosed with cancer. While cancer is one of the leading causes of death from disease among children, the actual number of children who die because of cancer has reduced over the years.

Most cancers have effective treatments and management methods that have increased the survival rate significantly. Childhood cancers require specialized treatment plans developed by pediatric oncologists, and this day helps to publicize the existence of such treatments. International Childhood Cancer Day was also instituted to improve treatment rates and reduce the pain and suffering caused by cancer among children around the globe. While the chances of full recovery for children with cancer can reach 80% in countries that have a high G.D.P., in the middle and lower-income countries, the chances can slip down to 20%.

The I.C.C.D. focuses on the importance of equitable access to treatment for cancer among children who are suffering or are survivors of cancer. It works to ensure that all over the world, children have access to the best possible care, and can overcome the difficulties cancer poses to them and their quality of life. The initiative aims to make childhood cancer a priority in the world. It works in line with the WHO Global Initiative on Childhood Cancer towards a 60% survival rate for children with cancer.

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